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Business Storage

Over the year, business have growth spurts, downsizings, and relocations – all of which can affect an organization’s commercial self-storage needs. That is why at Your Storage Units, we give businesses room to grow and afford all of corporate clients the flexibility to solve their storage problems.

Why rent a business storage unit?
Rather than racking up expenses by adding on office space, a business storage unit allows you to avoid long-term lease commitments and still enjoy less clutter and more organization. As inventory levels fluctuate, simply adjust your storage unit size accordingly and stop paying for more real estate than you truly need. As your office archives begin to grow, move it off site and keep your office uncluttered and current.

Our business storage clients are able to free up their valuable office space and cut down on overflowing file cabinets by renting our convenient commercial self-storage units. You’ll enjoy the extra wiggle room without any of the hassles of owning additional property. Our flexible business storage offers you the freedom to warehouse your wares without compromising on security and cost.

Business Storage Services

Corporate clients find numerous ways to make use of a little additional storage space, and vary between stopping by weekly to add/ subtract items or opting for an annual lease. In either case, our business storage services can be used to address any number of commercial self-storage needs including the storage of:

  • Merchandise and inventory
  • Palletized goods
  • Extra office furniture
  • eBay stock
  • Archives (Business documents, tax records, legal files)

At Your Storage Units, there are no complicated leases to sign, or sky-high business rates to pay. Simply rent your unit, move your belongings, keep the key, and enjoy 24/7 access to our secure storage facility. Keeping your goods safe and providing seamless service is our business, which lets you get back to the business of running your company.

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If your company is feeling a little constricted, contact Your Storage Units today to learn more about how we can solve your business storage needs.

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