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Furniture Storage

Are you in the middle of remodeling your home? Do you have vintage furniture that you can’t simply throw away? If so, then you have come to the right place. At Your Storage Units we provide you with that extra space that you need to store and protect your furniture. We understand that you can’t put a price on furniture that holds memories and history, and for this reason we can assure you that with our advanced security system and service, they will be in good hands. We are ready to guard your furniture in one of our self-storage units over a short or long-term! Just let our storage facility manager guide you through your unit size and leasing options.

Benefits of Furniture Storage with Your Storage Units

  • Flexible Leases – We are ready to adjust our unit lease options to fit your needs. Choose between a month-to-month or long-term lease that will give you some extra breathing room in your home and pocket.
  • Fresh & Pristine Environment – We stay away from dirt and moisture at all costs to avoid that wear and tear that furniture tends to get from these conditions. We promise to deliver a clean and dry environment for your belongings.
  • Advanced Security – You can count on three things at Your Storage Units: a premium security service, a facility manager around-the-clock, and one-key per furniture storage unit. With all of this in place, your unit will be secure at all times.

Don’t let your extra furniture take over the garage or get filled with dust and dirt. Instead let’s give it that space that it needs and in the right conditions. For more information about our furniture storage services.

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