RV and Camper Storage Spaces

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RV and Camper Storage Spaces

Road Trips are extra amazing and exciting when you get to experience them on an RV or camper, right? We think so! It’s the best way to take your family on an adventure around the country that will still give you the convenience and coziness that you can only find at home. The problem begins when you finally arrive back to your home and the trip comes to a halt. What do we do with the RV now? The answer is store it a large vehicle storage unit. Your love for your RV or camper and the road, won’t turn into a problem when you have a sheltered unit that can securely store and protect your motor-home.

With our RV storage units, you can say goodbye to those days where you would leave your motorhome in the curbside or backyard. Instead, give it a home that will provide advanced and 24/7 security and in the constant eye of our professional staff. Because the Florida and Georgia are exposed to tropical weather conditions, your vehicle may experience minimal wear and tear as a result.

Just like our large storage units, RVs and campers come in all shapes and sizes. For this reason, we ask that before booking your unit, you have your RV dimensions handy. We will need the dimensions of your vehicle to provide you an accurate and no-obligation quote for Your Storage Unit.

Recreational Vehicle Storage 101

Here’s a quick checklist of things that you need to do before you store your motorhome. And when we say quick, it truly is. When storing your RV for multiple months, begin by shutting off all heat, electricity, and AC circuit breakers. Clean out your water tanks, dry out your pipes, close off the gas tanks, prepare the engine, and remove the tires (if desired). These minor tasks will keep your vehicle in top-notch condition while stored away.

Storing and protecting your RV or camper is the best way to ensure the longevity of your motor-home and future family adventures! For more information about our large vehicle storage units and services, contact us today!

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